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QWhat is "C.G.F (Chlorella Growth Factor)"?
A It is a physiologically active substance extracted from chlorella.
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QWill I take in enough Chlorella Wakasa Gold/Chlorella Wakasa just by taking chlorella?
A We regret that we can only extract a little C.G.F from chlorella. That is why we have products like "Chlorella Wakasa Gold" and "Chlorella Wakasa". All of the valuable C.G.F., which is very difficult to extract, goes into the "Chlorella Wakasa Gold" and "Chlorella Wakasa".
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QWhat does Chlorella Wakasa Gold/Chlorella Wakasa taste like?
A C.G.F. does not have a taste and is scentless. Chlorella Wakasa Gold is apple-lemon flavor as malic acid is contained. Drink Chlorella Wakasa Gold as is. Chlorella Wakasa taste like honey, as honey is added to it. Chlorella Wakasa should be diluted with water or warm water etc. when drunk.
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QHow much should I drink?
A 30cc a day is recommended, however the more you drink the more benefit should be enjoyed.
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QStoring and Freshness Date
A After opening, please keep it refrigerated after the cap is firmly tightened. If not opened and kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunshine.
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