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QWhat is chlorella?
A It is a fresh water single-celled green algae, which contains 60% protein, various vitamins and minerals as well as 18 amino acids including all the essential amino acids.
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QWhere is Sun Chlorella grown?
A Chlorella is cultured outdoors under stringent quality control at a captive factory. We believe that solar energy and water (abundant, natural water) are important because chlorella is a photosynthetic plant.
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QWhat kind of people is chlorella good for?
A It is good for all of us. However, especially for people who do not like vegetables, people who have a low appetite, people who lack energy, people who want to look and feel younger, people who want to build a body free from health problem.
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QMay anyone take chlorella?
A It is safe for infants, elderly people, pregnant women and for people who are weak in a postoperative period. Chlorella is food. Therefore it does not contain any harmful material to the human body at all.
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QIs it safe to take chlorella with medicine?
A It is safe to take chlorella with any kind of medicine. However, do not take chlorella if you take Warfarin. Vitamin K contained in chlorella or any green foods may interfere the effect of it.
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