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QHow much chlorella should I take?
A About 30 - 40 tablets a day is recommended for an adult when there are subjective problems. About 15-20 tablets a day is recommended for health maintenance. Start with fewer intake and increase gradually.
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QHow much should children take?
A If the child is a junior high school student or older, he/she can take as much as an adult. If the child is an elementary school student or younger, take half as much as an adult. If the child is an infant take 1/3 of what an adult would take. Always start with low amount of tablets.
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QWhat should I take chlorella with?
A Water, warm water, juice etc. anything will do but take lots of fluid. One glass of liquid would be the ideal amount for 15 tablets.
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QWhen should I take chlorella before a meal or after a meal?
A Chlorella is food. Therefore there are not any rules. It can be taken at any time.
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QShould I take the daily recommended dosage all at once?
A If possible please take the daily recommended dosage divided into 2-3 portions. If this is not possible you may take it all at once but try not to take it before going to bed. Try to take it when you are active.
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QWhat does chlorella taste like?
A It tastes like green tea. Though the taste is hardly recognizable when taken with water or something else.
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QIs it true that my elimination will turn green?
A Everyone has thick green elimination after taking chlorella. It is the color of chlorophyll. You may set your mind at ease.
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QHow should I store chlorella?
A Direct sunshine and moisture can easily damage chlorella. Although it is not necessary to put it into the refrigerator, please keep it in a cool and dark place (cupboard, drawer etc.).
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