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QWhat is the difference between Sun Chlorella for human and Pet Sun Chlorella?
A The ingredients are almost the same but Pet Sun Chlorella contains eleuthero.
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QCan I feed any pets in any state?
A According to the questionnaire, most of dog owners feed their pets to help improve chronic problems. However, it helps inappetent pets, spiritless pets, pregnant pets and old pets enhance their health and vitality. Also, lots of pet owners feed chlorella to their pets for disease prevention.
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QIs Pet Sun Chlorella also good for the coat of fur?
A One of the first things that most pet owners notice is their pets have fine and shinier coat and growing nails.
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QCan small animals take Pet Sun Chlorella?
A Absolutely! Even small animals or baby animals just after birth and weak animals after operation can safely take Chlorella because it contains plenty of necessary nutrients for their health. Depends on a size, break it down to small pieces and feed them.
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QCan any pets take Pet Sun Chlorella?
A Of course, it is especially very popular among dogs, cats including puppies and kittens and horses.
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