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QWhat is "Eleuthero"?
A It is an herb of the Araliaceae family (the same family as Korean ginseng) that grows 2 to 3 meters (6-10 feet) high, called Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus). Sun Eleuthero is the finest, naturally grown only in the wild of Northeast Asia and Northeast Hokkaido. In addition to many other revitalizing properties, its roots are rich in the dietary fiber, calcium and isofraxidine, all of which modern-day people tend to lack.
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QWhat are Sun Eleuthero recommended for?
A Most people taking Sun Eleuthero are constantly tense and living under stressful circumstances.
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QHow much Sun Eleuthero should I take?
A About 15 to 40 tablets a day is recommended. Always start with low amount of intake and gradually increase up to suggested daily intake.
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QHow much should I take Sun Eleuthero Extract?
A Our suggested daily intake is 30cc (about 1 fl. oz.) a day, the same as "Chlorella Wakasa Gold" and "Chlorella Wakasa". However the more taken the more benefit shall be enjoyed.
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QStoring and Freshness Date
A After opening, please keep it refrigerated after the cap is firmly tightened. If not opened and kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunshine.
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