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Sun Chlorella products are natural and good for your health.

Healthy diet is fundamental for building your body. It's hard to avoid stress and have balanced nutrition in current society. Health is irreplaceable wealth regardless of sex, age or generation. Try Sun Chlorella for your health management and nutritional support!

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Health for all. We deliver health food that capitalizes on power of nature. 

Sun Chlorella "A" Tablets
Agaricus + C.G.F.
Sun Chlorella Agaricus (To be placed on the market soon.)
Eleuthero + C.G.F.
Sun Chlorella Drink
Sun Eleuthero Tablets
Sun Eleuthero Extract
Sun Eleuthero Tea(Tea bags)
C.G.F. Extract
Chlorella Wakasa
Chlorella Wakasa Gold
Chlorella New Gold
Sun Chlorella Cream
Sun Anserine

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What's Chlorella?

Chlorella absorbs much solar energy and contains 9 essential amino acids, 3 semiessential amino acids, various natural vitamins and minerals with sufficient balance.

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What's Eleuthero?

A dietary fiber and calcium tend to be insufficient for a man of today. However, they are abundantly contained in this product. Isofraxidine as one of the useful component of eleuthero receives world attention for refreshment effect.

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What's Agaricus?

There are more than 200 kinds of agaricus. Agaricus Blazei Murill (Japanese formal name: Himematsutake Iwade 101 strain) contains the useful component that is the most useful to healthy maintenance among agaricus family.

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