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Sun Eleuthero Tea (Tea bags)
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Sun Eleuthero Tea (Tea bags)  
   Servings per container
    1 box (20 tea bags)
3 boxes (60 tea bags)

Eleuthero leaves are one of the major ingredients of Fusabi-Cha. Sun Chlorella harvests these Eleuthero leaves in July and August when these Eleuthero leaves contain the highest amount of valuable nutrients such as saponin, glycoside from flavonoid, and chlorogenic acid. The leaves of Japanese persimmon contain rich vitamin C, carotene, and tannin. A Chinese herb called: Cassia obtusifolia, which has been taught that it is good for our health by Kobo-Daishi, the most well-known monk in Japanese history. Sun Chlorella successfully develops a non-caffeinated tea named: Fusabi-Cha by creating an excellent combination of these 3 healthy Chinese herbs. Please enjoy the benefits of Fusabi-Cha before you go to bed or when you take a short break during your busy work.

Eleuthero leaves
Leaves of Japanese persimmon
Cassia obtusifolia

Suggested use:
One tea bag for a cup of tea (350 ml of hot water).