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Sun Chlorella Agaricus
Sun Chlorella Agaricus
Sun Chlorella Agaricus
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   Servings per container
    1 box (2g x 30 sachets)
3 boxes (2g x 90 sachets)
6 boxes (2g x 180 sachets)
Our most confident blend with extra quality of remarkable Agaricus and Chlorella Extract
We blended together "Agaricus", a mysterious mushroom which has survived on earth and primitive "Chlorella" which has survived in water.
Please use the total power of Agaricus and Chlorella grown in each different environment and have different character for your health maintenance.
Among said 200 different kinds of Agaricus, Sun Chlorella Corporation uses "Himematsutake Iwade Strain 101"(scientific name: "Agaricus Blazei Murrill"), which has been a main object of scientific studies for its amazing effects such as -D-glucan. As a result, we achieved to make a best product contains abundant of -D-glucan, in a good combination with C.G.F.

Agaricus blazei Himematsutake Iwade strain 101 (cell wall pulverized agaricus fruiting body, mycelium extract)
Chlorella extract (C.G.F.)

Suggested use:
1-3 packets per day as dietary supplement. May be consumed with water (hot or cold) as it suits you.
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Typical Analysis Result on Sun Chlorella Agaricus (100g)
General composition
  Moisture 3.9g  
  Fat 4.0g  
  Protein 36.3g  
  Carbohydrate 30.2g  
  Fiber 14.4g  
  Ash 11.2g  
  Calorie 360kcal  
  Carotene 52µg  
  Vitamin B1 1.92mg  
  Vitamin B2 8.55mg  
  Vitamin B6 1.18mg  
  Vitamin B12 0.097mg  
  Vitamin D 32.5µg  
  Vitamin E 0.2mg  
  Niacin 81.8mg  
  Pantothenic acid 19.2mg  
  Folic acid 1.3mg  
  Biotin 209µg  
  Inositol 247mg  
Fatty acids
  Saturated fatty acids 22.3%  
  Unsaturated fatty acids 71.8%  
  Other 5.9%  
  Calcium 160mg  
  Iron 16mg  
  Magnesium 300mg  
  Zinc 5.3mg  
  Copper 6.6mg  
  Potassium 3,700mg  
  Sodium 470mg  
  Phosphorus 1,800mg  
Amino acids
  Isoleucine* 0.88g  
  Leucine* 1.50g  
  Lysine* 1.32g  
  Methionine* 0.32g  
  Cystine 0.36g  
  Phenylalanine* 0.90g  
  Tyrosine 0.62g  
  Threonine* 1.08g  
  Tryptophan* 0.29g  
  Valine* 1.16g  
  Arginine 1.25g  
  Histidine* 0.44g  
  Alanine 1.71g  
  Aspartic acid 2.01g  
  Glutamic acid 4.63g  
  Glycine 1.22g  
  Proline 1.18g  
  Serine 1.03g  
*Essential amino acids
What's amino acid?