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Sun Eleuthero
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Sun Eleuthero
   Servings per container
    300 tablets (60g)
900 tablets (180g)
1500 tablets (300g)
Concentration of the nutrients:The root of Eleutherococcus senticosus
Powdered root of the eleuthero contains useful component is now available in tablet form. Sun Eleuthero rich in dietary fiber and minerals is best health food for renewing yourself in body and spirit.

Eleuthero root
Microcrystalline cellulose
Canola oil
Soy polysaccharide

Suggested use:
As a rule of thumb for dietary supplement, ingest 15-50 tablets a day with hot or cold water, tea or soft drink. Swallowing with water is only voluntarily recommended ingestion method however. Ingestion by leaking and chewing is just fine as well.
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Typical Analysis Result on Sun Eleuther (100g)
General composition
  Moisture 3.8g  
  Fat 6.1g  
  Protein 1.8g  
  Carbohydrate 12.8g  
  Fiber 73.5g  
  Ash 2.0g  
  Calorie 407kcal  
  Vitamin B2 0.07mg  
  Vitamin B6 0.14mg  
  Vitamin E 0.9mg  
  Niacin 1.0mg  
  Pantothenic acid 0.20mg  
  Folic acid 0.014mg  
  Biotin 1.0µg  
  Inositol 52mg  
  Calcium 820mg  
  Iron 9.7mg  
  Magnesium 68mg  
  Zinc 0.68mg  
  Copper 0.10mg  
  Potassium 210mg  
  Sodium 25mg  
  Phosphorus 61mg  
*This table presents the results of one analysis of Sun Eleuthero performed by the Japan Dairy Technical Association.
Vitamin A potency: calculated with 3 IU (International Units) equalling 1/0.6 times g of carotene.