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Chlorella is now regarded as a synonym for health food. However, do you really know about chlorella? Here in "Chlorella Library" provides you basic knowledge and related information about chlorella in detail.
Number12:Chlorella and the 21st century
Idea of healthy life expectancy for the 21st century
According to the World Health Report 2002 by the World Health Organization (WHO), the average of "healthy life expectancy" in Japan was 73.6 years old, which was No. 1 in the world. The "healthy life expectancy" means the length of life people can spend in good health. WHO advised that it could extend by 5 years longer if Japan works on the improvement of "10 biggest risks" that threaten their health such as smoking or hypertension. The "healthy life expectance" is calculated by deducting the period that someone is very sick or injured from the average length of life. In Japan, it is 71.4 years old for men and 75.8 years old for women, and both have been No. 1 for 3 years in a row out of 191 members of WHO.
However, the average of Japanese life expectancy in 2001 was 81.5 years old, while the average of its healthy life expectancy was 73.6 years old. This 8 years difference is the period that people cannot live in good health, in short, one cannot live on one's own, being in bed and in need of care. During this period, big burden will rest on oneself and his/her family, too. To extend the healthy life expectancy will be a big challenge for the nation and individuals.
The medical care system will also change dramatically. The individual payment of medial expenses has been increased by 30% since April 2003, and it is expected to rise up to 50% in near future. The nation is no longer responsible for all of the medial services. Also, we cannot rely on doctors any longer. The existing medical care is focused on diagnosing and treatment, but it will be important to think about health comprehensively including healthcare and prevention. We cannot depend on other people about healthcare and prevention, so we need to be responsible for our own health. From this aspect, health information is overflowing in the fitness boom these days. What should we sort out from these too much information?
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Things chlorella can do
image Various factors can be thought to damage human health. However, the loss of nutritional balance caused from unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, and dioxin and pesticide residues are major factors of sickness in today. Because of them, the body functionality (homeostatic retentivity, active force and natural healing power) decrease, and various symptoms will appear. Even if symptomatic treatment improves the symptom, it will recur if fundamental factor of the disease is not solved.
As already has explained through Chlorella Library, chlorella makes up for nutrients, and C.G.F. (Chlorella Growth Factor) contained only in chlorella comprehensively works to maintain our natural-born health.
We often receive questions on what disease chlorella works. As already mentioned, chlorella does not affect to certain disease directly. It is necessary for anyone to take food that contains various constituents in the right balance. Any people who are healthy, sick, pregnant, and children can take it. This is the difference from medicine. Even if you get sick and fully recovered after treatment, you cannot be assured. You need to think why you became sick, and how your health condition was. You will not achieve a real health unless you improve the underlying cause of disease. There is no doubt that chlorella will become a big supporter of you who needs self-medication.