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Chlorella is now regarded as a synonym for health food. However, do you really know about chlorella? Here in "Chlorella Library" provides you basic knowledge and related information about chlorella in detail.
Number3:Chlorella is a mine of amino acids (2)
Amino-acid power for health
Besides the fact that amino acids form a human body, new research reveals that they have various important functions for a body. 20 kinds of amino acids function in the body with their distinctive functions. Amino-acid power is now introduced on TV and magazines, and attracting public attention. Top athletes take amino acids intensively to improve physical strength, and women take some supplements for their diets and beauty. The expectations for amino acids are growing stronger. In addition to taking amino acids, it is necessary to perform aerobic exercise if you are on a diet, or to try to avoid UV ray if you wish to produce beautiful skin.
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Collagen made from amino acids
There is another reason that amino acids are widely watched. The reason is that amino acids are components for collagen. Collagen is connective tissue that covers one third of the body, and has strong elasticity in form of braids. However, if collagen cannot be produced as needed due to lack of amino acids, collagen will loose gradually and the elasticity will be worn out. This may cause wrinkles. Also, buttocks and breasts come down by the gravity. Not only skin but also bones and internal organs are covered with bone collagen. When people attain old age, they reduce their food intake and lose gastrointestinal function. Therefore, they need to contrive ways how to take amino acids.
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Keeping a balanced diet is a basis
Essential amino acids cannot be produced in the body, so they need to be taken from food directly by mouth. People used to take amino acids without regard to it because they had balanced diets. However, lately many people seem to bring on a lack of amino acids because of their unbalanced diets that come from prioritizing their food preferences and conveniences. In this case, how about taking your daily diet with chlorella, which contains plenty natural amino acids and vitamins and minerals in a balanced manner? The image photograph of a diets