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Encounter with Chlorella

Hideo Nakayama, the founder of Sun Chlorella Corp., suffered from poor health due to military service during the war and was sentenced to life expectancy of few years. However, unexpected encounter with chlorella had changed his life, and he had recovered miraculously. He decided to tell as many people as possible his story that he got out of a desperate situation and found light in his life, thanks to chlorella. Keeping that in mind, he founded Heian Chlorella Jeffcy Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Sun Chlorella Corporation, in 1969. Holding a business motto “Set chlorella on the dining table around the world”, the first U.S. sales agent of chlorella was founded in Hawaii in 1975.

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Birth of “Sun Chlorella A”

The Dyno-Mill method which pulverizes chlorella’s hard cell wall and increases the digestibility rate was established after many trials and errors. Finally, “Sun Chlorella A” came into the world in 1976. After that, the discovery of eleuthero which has synergistic effects with chlorella led to the release of “Sun Ukogi”. “Sun Chlorella Agaricus” was released after many years of research on the best combination ratio between Agaricus and chlorella. In this way, we took over 10 years to release our core products one after another. At the same time, we published in a paper that chlorella originated 540 million years ago. It revealed the beginning of history of tough and energetic chlorella.

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Supporting sports activities

We put up a business slogan, “One’s health is not something that is given by others, but something that one builds for oneself” since its founding.
With the aim to spread this slogan to the sports field, we started sponsoring a local sports event, “Kyoto Women’s Sports Festival”.
Furthermore, a golf tournament, “Sun Chlorella Classic”, was held in 2000, and our supporting activities in sports field were spread nationwide.
We also focused on supporting individual athletes and launched “Sun Chlorella A powder”, which obtained certifications from international anti-doping certification agencies such as “NSF for Sport” in the U.S. and “Informed Choice” in UK.
Recently we have signed sponsorship agreements with many athletes like a basketball player Yuta Watanabe and a volleyball player Ran Takahashi, and we are contributing to support their further success.

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Supporting animal health with chlorella

Believing that activities to solve issues such as environmental and social issues are necessary as a corporate social responsibility, we proactively work on CSR activities. As part of that, in 2012, we started supporting the animal care organization, The Gentle Barn, by providing “Chlorella powder” for free. Furthermore, in 2013, “The Gentle Barn Sun Chlorella Healing Center” was newly established and now our activities are progressing to support more animals’ health.

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Renewed a corporate logo mark

Hoping for further progress of “Sun Chlorella A”, we renewed our corporate logo mark. Use these 3 colors (red represents Sun, blue represents water and green represents chlorella) imaged on “Sun Chlorella A” as the base color, we started spreading new corporate logo mark to the public. Our new slogan, “Health is Wealth”, was put up in 2017 with the wish that everyone can live a bright and healthy life with chlorella, and we can grow ourselves into a company contributing to achieve healthy and long-lived society.

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Celebrating 50th anniversary and developing into a global company

We have been selling our products not only in Japan but also all over the world for over 50 years.
We will continue to produce the highest quality chlorella products on Earth and bring everyone smile and excitement.
With this thought in mind, we promise to consider and act on the social responsibility that each employee should fulfill and be a global company aiming to create a diversified corporate culture.

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