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With diverse human resources, create global value

At Sun Chlorella, we aim for a future where everyone can live a healthy and fulfilling life, with employees of various attributes respecting each other. We are working to create a sustainable corporate culture by turning diversity into company’s strength.

Glue Crew Project

Sun Chlorella has started a joint project “Glue Crew” with a nonprofit organization SLOW LABEL in March 2019, the year of its 50th anniversary and continued for 3 years (2019-2021). As a group which is aware of diversities in society and works on penetrating and connecting them, we provided experiential trainings which is participated by people both with disability and without it, workd on fostering of Co-Creative human resources and creating a network regardless of department. We aimed to demonstrate one’s abilities as a team and to develop communication skills by supporting each other while recognizing differences in language, culture, and lifestyle. As a result of this initiative, the following mission have been added to the Sun Chlorella Group’s Vision & Mission Statements. – Encourage inclusiveness and diversity to form a corporate structure that can adjust to changes in the global environment.


A nonprofit organization “SLOW LABEL” is a quite unique group, which has been working in order for people to live together regardless of level of ability or disability with the power of art. That is, SLOW LABEL has been working together with artists, who work both domestically and abroad, finding out problems that communities have been facing, and designing “activities”, “things” and “people” which lead to solutions for social issues from minorities’ points of view with experts from various fields, local citizens, enterprises, and governmental bodies.