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For the future of children – Contributing to global environmental conservation

We are working on company-wide actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 in order to conserve the environment of the Earth and hand it over to children in the future.

Reduction Activities

Since 2008, as part of our reduction activity, we have thinned out fluorescent lights, and started measuring and analyzing the power usage of the entire company, including the usage of the copier for each floor. After that, we reported the usage situation data to employees, and asked them to save energy, contributing to the reduction of electricity consumption. In addition, as a result of efforts towards double-sided printing, monochrome printing, and paperless initiatives from participating departments, the amount of copy paper used has also been dramatically reduced. We also started collecting reusable stationery, organizing documents that can be converted into digital data, and started activities to reuse the files. In 2015, we worked on replacing air conditioning and lighting equipment, visualizing and automatically controlling the amount of electricity consumption by introducing an energy management system (EMS), and as a result, the remarkable achievement of our activities was recognized and featured in a collection of usage examples as a “Success Case to Promote Corporate Energy Conservation Activities” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in FY 2017. (Reduction by 44.1% in energy consumption due to the replacement of equipment and introduction of EMS.)

Cool Biz, Warm Biz

Starting in 2005, we implemented the Cool Biz and Warm Biz power conservation initiatives throughout the company. We strive to reduce CO2 by setting the room temperature to 28° C during cooling and to 20° C or less during heating.


We have been separating business waste that had been incinerated previously into cardboard, used paper, and newspaper, and recycling them. Currently, we are working on recycling all recyclable papers, plastic bottle caps, iron and aluminum, etc.

Car Sharing

By using car sharing for company vehicles, we contribute to reducing the environmental burden with saving energy and reducing emissions.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We are constantly improving our product packaging, taking into consideration reducing, reusing, and recycling. We are working on resource conservation by using FSC mixed paper with FSC certification (an international forest certification system), reducing use of plastic and etc.