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Towards the realization of management that is conscious of the social responsibility that Sun Chlorella should fulfill

Sun Chlorella Group is working on SDGs challenges through its business in order to realize a sustainable society. Regarding environmental issues, we continue reviewing the office environment and promoting less paper use, as well as promoting animal welfare from a food perspective, supporting sports and culture that enrich lifestyles and promoting diversity. We are actively working to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society from various perspectives.

Athletic Sports and Cultural Support Initiatives

In addition to offering foods such as chlorella, agaricus, and eleuthero, Sun Chlorella hopes to support everyone's general lifestyle to stay healthy and live a rich life. One part of that effort is sports and cultural sponsorships. We continue to make various contributions with the aim of creating a future where people can live healthy lives through sports and cultural activities, whether professional or amateur.

Environmental Initiatives

We are working on company-wide actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 in order to conserve the environment of the Earth and hand it over to children in the future.

Animal Welfare Initiatives

As part of animal health supporting, Sun Chlorella supports the American animal welfare organization, The Gentle Barn. Besides financial support, we also provides chlorella for the support of the animals’ health. All animals at The Gentle Barn eat chlorella every day.

Initiatives to promote diversity

At Sun Chlorella, we aim for a future where everyone can live a healthy and fulfilling life, with employees of various attributes respecting each other. We are working to create a sustainable corporate culture by turning diversity into company's strength.

Employee Initiatives

In order to bring about a richer and healthier society, it is essential that the employees of Sun Chlorella themselves are physically and mentally healthy.