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Why Sun Chlorella Continues to Support Sports

The growing interest in “food and physical well-being,” which includes proposals for various conditioning methods in the sports scene and a focus on plant-based diets, reflects an increasing trend in recent years. This trend aligns with our fundamental belief at Sun Chlorella that “Health is not to be given but what you build yourself.” To meet these emerging needs, Sun Chlorella continues its efforts to open doors to the potential of sports.
In Japan, the population actively participates in sports is relatively low, and the frequency of exposure to sports is limited. Whether as spectators or players, individual involvement in sports in Japan is somewhat sparse compared to overseas. With a desire to make sports more accessible in Japan and contribute to creating an environment for children aspiring to become professional athletes, Sun Chlorella initiated its sports business. We aim to further develop the sports culture and realize a future where people can love sports and lead healthy lives. Therefore, Sun Chlorella continues to support sports.

Support for Basketball


“GLOBALLERS” is our project that supports basketball players under the age of 15 by providing opportunities for challenges and overseas experiences, including in the United States. Additionally, we support various basketball teams, including high school teams participating in Inter-High and WINTER CUP competitions, the Tokai University Seagulls, and the professional basketball team Shiga Lakes. We also support promising players such as Taiga Okada, who continues to excel, Yuki Kawamura, who is an indispensable presence in Japan domestic league, and Yuta Watanabe, who continues to challenge himself overseas.

Supporting other sports and cultural events