Tough cell wall for protecting chlorella ― Pulverized cell wall technology proprietary developed ―


Cell walls inhibit digestion and absorption of nutrients

Covered by the tough cell wall, chlorella has kept its delicate life form at the micro level for 540 million years. We can receive the benefit of the abundant nutrients of chlorella now because of not only its highly proliferation potency but also the firm cell wall.

The cell wall of chlorella is mainly made of cellulose. However, human body doesn’t have “enzyme cellulase” that can digest cellulose. Therefore, approaching chlorella from health food field, the tough cell wall of chlorella is nothing more or less than a fatal barrier that block digestion and absorption when taken into human body.

Pulverized cell wall technology that improved the digestibility

Our proprietary technology of pulverize chlorella’s cell wall has achieved a dramatic improvement in digestibility. This cell wall pulverization technology is proprietary, an ideal physical method in accordance with the natural law, not using any chemicals, enzymes, or heat.
The technology applies the DYNOR-MILL used for manufacturing of powdered milk in Europe and America. When chlorella is rotated by the DYNOR-MILL at high speed, a vertical interval of atmospheric pressure arises inside the mill. This pressure difference enables to pulverize almost 90% of cell wall which firmly covers chlorella.



Compared with the difference in digestibility between the chlorella manufactured by the existing methods (a method that cracks the cell wall by heat so-called the branching method, or a method that dissolves fibers by enzyme) and the pulverized cell wall chlorella, the digestibility of the pulverized cell wall chlorella improves dramatically as the diagram indicates below.










1) Chlorella protects itself by its tough cell wall.
2) The tough cell wall disturbs the digestibility of nutrients contained in chlorella.
3) Our technology succeeded in pulverizing chlorella’s cell wall to improves the digestibility.

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