Service Area / 可配達地區

Service Area / 可配達地區

Countries where EMS shipping with tracking and insurances.
The delivery will be arranged after confirming your order.
Please note that the delivery will be delayed if you place an order on our non-business day including Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays.

Exception / 非配達地區

Service is not available for countries where we have offices or distributors.
Please contact our overseas office or distributor in your country.
我們無法配送至已有Sun Chlorella據點的國家,煩請直接聯繫我們位於您當地的代理商或是我們當地的公司.

Payment Methods / 支付方法

You can order and pay securely online with our shopping cart. Sun Chlorella Corp. accepts payment by most major credit cards or China UnionPay. We do not accept cash, checks, and other non-secure methods for your purchases. If you have any question about choosing a payment method, please contact our customer service representatives.
您可以從我們的官網安全的訂購及付款, Sun Chlorella Corp.接受大部分主流信用卡或是銀聯. 我們不接受現金、支票以及任何不安全的支付方法. 如果您有任何關於支付方法的疑問,煩請聯繫官網上的客服.

Paying by Credit Cards / 以信用卡支付

We accept the following types of credit cards for purchase:


Visa Visa
MasterCard MasterCard
American Express American Express
Diners Club Diners Club

Paying by China UnionPay / 以銀聯支付

China UnionPay becomes accepted from December, 2013.


China UnionPay China UnionPay

How to order / 如何下單

Shopping cart / 購物車

You have the option to edit or remove item(s) from the shopping cart. Click the “Product list” button on the top page and click a picture or “More Info” button you intend to purchase. We will keep your shopping cart for up to 12 hours. We will do our best to fulfill all orders; however, we may encounter some out-of-stock items due to the rapidly increase in demands. We will inform you if any item you would like to purchase is no longer available or the delivery will be delayed. We also reserve the rights to limit quantities based on merchandise availability.

您可以選擇編輯或是移除您購物車中的商品. 放入購物車請按首頁的“商品清單”後按下您欲購入各商品照片或“更多資訊”. 我們將會保留您放在購物車內的商品12小時.我們會盡力完成您的訂購,但如偶遇突然的大量訂單造成缺貨時,我們會盡速通知您您的商品已無法供貨或是我們將會推遲配送.基於庫存狀況,我們會保留限制訂購數量的權利.

Change or cancel an order / 更改或是取消訂單

Changing the quantity of an item / 更改訂購數量

While you are still shopping or during checkout, you can increase or decrease the quantity of an item by clicking the “+ or – button”(Quantity field) on the line that refers to the product you intend to change.

當您還在購物中或是尚未結帳前,您可以使用 商品旁邊顯示的“+ or –”來增減您的訂購數量.

Making changes after you placed an order / 訂購後的訂單修改

If you need to make any change to your order after you placed it, please contact our customer service representatives. Please note that processing will take place immediately after you place your order, and it may not be possible to change items on existing orders.


Removing items while you are still shopping / 下單前刪除商品

If you are in the shopping cart screen and haven’t clicked “Proceed to Checkout”, you can remove a single item by clicking the “x ” button(Remove field) and checking on the line that refers to the product you want to remove.

如果您還未按下 “準備結帳”按鈕,您可按下商品旁的“x ”以刪除您的商品.

Removing items during checkout / 結帳時刪除商品

If you are in the checkout process but have not yet submit your order, you are able to remove items from the shopping cart by clicking on the “Change quantity and item” and checking on the line that refers to the product you intend to remove.

如果您還在進行結帳手續但未付款送出您的訂購時,您可按下商品旁的“更改數量及商品 ”以刪除您的商品.

Canceling after the order has been placed / 訂購後取消訂單

If you have sent your order and would like to cancel it, please contact our customer service representatives by clicking the “Inquiry” button. Please note that your order may begin processing immediately after you place your order, and it may not be possible to cancel the order.

若您已完成訂購但想取消時,煩請您按下官網客服的“查詢 ”按鈕以便聯繫客服. 請留意我們通常在收到訂購後會盡速安排配送,若我們已開始安排配送將無法取消此訂單.

If the order has been shipped to you / 收貨後取消訂單

You will have to return the merchandise. Please contact our customer service representatives by clicking the “Inquiry” button.
We do not refund shipping fee in case that you do not receive merchandise due to your personal reasons including unpaid customs or tax. Please be noted that the customs and import duty to be paid by the customer.

您必須將商品回送給我們.煩請您按官網客服的“查詢 ”按鈕以便聯繫客服進行後續手續. 若基於未付關稅或相關稅金等等買方個人因素導致無法收貨,我們無法退回運費.請留意各國家的關稅及進口相關稅須由買方支付.