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Terms and Conditions(會員登錄規章)

【Important】 Please read carefully before starting the service .
Terms and Conditions include your rights and obligations to use this service. By clicking “agree to membership registration”, we consider your agreement on Terms and Conditions.
(【重要】煩請在會員登錄前詳讀以下規範,本規範內明確記載您的權利與義務按下 "同意登錄為會員" 等同您同意規範內容)


Article 1. Membership
1. ”Membership” means the individual who agrees with protocols defined in these terms and conditions for the registration of service with required procedures.
2. Membership information refers to the sales records of member and all relevant information provided by member to identify individual member.
3. These terms and conditions with which all member of this service comply are applicable for all member of this service in effect on registration process through service being enacted.

Article 2. Registration
1. Membership Qualification
Once you agree to the terms and conditions and apply for the prescribed admission, you will be granted the membership after completing the prescribed registration procedure. You must complete the membership registration procedure yourself. Registration by proxy is not permitted. We reserve the right to deny membership to users whose membership has been revoked in the past or those whom for any reason we deem unqualified for membership.

2. Input of Membership Information
When you register for membership, please read the instructions carefully and fill out the required information on the prescribed enter form accurately. It is not used any special symbol or Roman numerals for the registration of member information. If those letters are registered, we change them.

3. Management of Password
(1) The password can be used by only the member himself/herself and cannot be either transferred or lent to any other person.
(2) The member himself/herself should manage the password; change password regularly in order to prevent to be known password to other person.
(3) Indicating intention to us by using password is considered indication of intention by member himself/herself, and the member should pay all expenses related to this issue.

Article 3. Changes
1. If there are any changes such as name or address in notified matters, member shall notify us the changes without delay.
2. We don’t have any responsibilities for the damage caused by not having your registered information updated, and please be careful that the order which has been processed before changing your registration is transacted in accordance with your original registration.

Article 4. Cancelation of Membership
Any cancelation procedure shall be done by member himself/ herself. The membership is deleted as soon as the cancelation procedure is completed.

Article 5. Loss of membership qualification and the compensation obligation
1. We shall cancel your membership qualification when the following things happen:
(1) Members provide fraud information when they apply for admission of the membership
(2) Members neglect the payment duty in online shopping
(3) We deem unqualified for membership

2. Member shall take responsibilities of compensating for any damage occurred as result of one of the following behavior.
(1) Unauthorized usage of the membership number and/or password
(2) Disturbance to our regular operation by falsification of information and/or transmission of harmful software to our website
(3) Infringement of the intellectual property rights on our products
(4) Any other act contrary to this terms of use

Article 6. Handling of Membership Information
1. In principle, we shall not disclose membership information to other person without member’s agreement in advance. However, in case of below clauses, we shall be able to disclose membership information and relevant information without member’s agreement.
(1) Asking for disclosure by law enforcement.
(2) Judging it is necessary to protect our company’s rights, interest, honor and so on.

2. Membership information is securely managed in align with “Approach to personal information protection”. We are able to use membership information in order to provide service, improve service of contents for enhancing for usability and secure smooth operation.
3. We are able to provide information (including advertisement) by using mail magazine and other methods. If members do not want to receive any information, we stop delivering information upon member’s request. However, we send information only if it is necessary.

Article 7. Prohibited Actions
When using the Service, you agree not to:
1. Violate public laws, the terms and conditions, the terms of use for the Services and important information regarding shopping at the Website;
2. Harm the rights, interests, or reputation of our company or other person;
3. Engage in activities that may cause mental and physical harm to minors or offend public order and morals;
4. Engage in activities that cause nuisance or offend other users;
5. Send out false information;
6. Send or post any harmful computer programs or email messages;
7. Illegally access our server or computer;
8. Lend or give user password to other person or share it with other person;
9. Engage in activities that we deem to be harmful or inappropriate.

Article 8. Suspension/Discontinuation of Service
1.We, for the purpose of maintaining the best service condition, may discontinue all or part of service provided with regards to the case speculated in (1)-(4) following without prior notice.
(1) Any needs for regular system maintenance and emergency occurrence.
(2) Intensive stress is recognized with server.
(3) To the extent of the case of fire and break down of electricity and any unexpected offence case.
(4) Any contingency case for which we consider suspension of service to be appropriate

Article 9. Change/Stop of Service
By our own judgment, we shall be able to terminate and change its all or part of service without any notice.

Article 10. Disclaimer
1. Stop data loss and delay due to system failures, such as interruption of communication lines and computers, damage caused by unauthorized access to data, we are not liable for any damage brought to the member in connection with our service.

2. There is no guarantee that a computer virus or other harmful element is not contained in the contents of emails sent to member from the site, server, domain and so on.

3. We shall not be held liable in any way for damages by the member due to infraction of the agreement.

Article 11. Revisions of Terms
Amendment shall be made without notice including new terms and conditions which is to complement original terms and conditions. Revision or replenishment of this agreement shall become effective when posted. In this case, member is subject to the new terms and conditions.

Article 12. Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction
In case of any dispute that may arise in connection with these terms and conditions, the judgment of the district court having jurisdiction over the location of the company’s head office shall be the agreed court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.