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Q.01Where can I purchase Sun Chlorella products?
You can purchase Sun Chlorella products at our subsidiary, Sun Chlorella Japan Corp. You cannot purchase Sun Chlorella products at any pharmacy, drugstore or convenience store. To establish and continue a strong relationship with our customers, give correct information on our products and usage to our customers, and use our products safely, we sell our products to our customers directly.
Q.02How much should I take Sun Chlorella products daily?
Sun Chlorella products are not medicine. These are health food, so there is no definition of intake. It depends on your living and physical conditions. Most people take below amount daily. ■Sun Chlorella A →15 to 40 tablets ■Sun Eleuthero →15 to 50 tablets ■Astarella →1 to 3 capsules ■Sun Wakasa Gold Plus and ■W Sun Wakasa →15 to 30ml Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know the moderate daily intake of each product. Contact from here.
Q.03How should I store Sun Chlorella products?
For tablet products such as Sun Chlorella A, please avoid direct sun light and humidity. Also, please seal aluminum pouch and keep at normal temperature.
For liquid products such as W Sun Gold, please avoid direct sun light and hot-humid condition, and reseal with the cap and refrigerate after opening. Also, please take liquid products within 1 month after opening.
Q.04What is the difference between Sun Chlorella A and other chlorella?
Sun Chlorella has aimed to manufacture the best quality products since the establishment. For example, our chlorella is cultured outdoors to absorb an energy from the sun and pulverized its cell wall by using the unique patent technology to improve digestive absorption ratio. We strictly control the entire production process from raw material to finished product in order to offer high quality products. For more information, please see “Activity on Quality”.
Q.05What kind of people should take Sun Chlorella products?
For all ages people who do not like vegetables, have an irregular eating habit, want to take vitamins and minerals, and maintain and enhance health.
Q.06Is it true that Sun Chlorella A is good for pregnant women?
Folate which is highly contained in chlorella is essentially important nutrition for pregnant women and infants. The Japanese Ministry of health and welfare recommends taking folate through supplements for pregnant women because pregnant women need folate more than double before and during pregnancy. Sun Chlorella A contains not only folate but also iron and vitamin D which are necessary for pregnant women. We highly recommend Sun Chlorella A to pregnant women and your coming baby.
Q.07Is there any problem that children take Sun Chlorella products?
Sun Chlorella products are not medicine, so everyone can take safely. Recently, we can eat as much food as we want in Japan, therefore, not only adults but also children have an unbalanced diet. Unbalanced diet from childhood may cause some health problems. That’s why we positively recommend taking Sun Chlorella A for children as support of diet.
Q.08Is there any scientific evidence on chlorella and agaricus?
It is considered that health food such as chlorella and agaricus has health benefits due to interaction by multiple components. It is the difference from other supplements which consist of a single component. We don’t pursue the specific component. We have conducted many studies such as the latest DNA analysis. For more information, please see “Activity on Reseach” or “Sun Chlorella Lab”.
Q.09Are heavy metals contained in Chlorella?
We request Japan Food Research Laboratories, the testing services provider, to inspect our product for each manufacturing lot and check the safety.
Implementation of safety analysis with such a strict control is not so common for general food category; however, we are proud to say that inspection is very important to provide safe products. Click here for details.
Q.10Is there any risk for pesticide residue to be contained in Chlorella?
We request inspection company registered by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to inspect our products at least for once a year and secure the safety of our product. Click here for details.
Q.11 Is there any risk of exposure to radioactive contaminant in Chlorella?
We request Japan Food Research Laboratories, the testing services provider, to inspect our product at least for once a year to ensure the safety of our product.
Click here for details.

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