Sun Chlorella Corp. Concluded “Official Supplement Supplier” Agreement with the American Football Club of Kyoto University


Sun Chlorella, Corp. (Head Office: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City; President & CEO: Futoshi Nakayama) signed an “Official Supplement Supplier” Agreement on April 1, 2018 with the American Football Club of Kyoto University to provide nutritional support through Chlorella and in-house products to improve performance.


[American Football Club of Kyoto University (commonly known as “Gangsters”)]

This club has established in 1947. There are about 200 members. “Gangsters” is a veteran team which won ten times in Kansai League championship, six times in All Japan Students Championship, and four times won the most in the Japanese championship. It became a general incorporated association in 2016, and the team is reforming with the aim of taking back to the status of Japan No.1 team for the first time in about 20 years.


Under this agreement, we provide athletes in the American Football Club of Kyoto University with classes on Chlorella intake, suggestions on a menu containing Chlorella in the school cafeteria, and the main product “Sun Chlorella A” (granule type and powder type). We aim to improve the performance of athletes by providing nutritional support to the American Football Club of Kyoto University, based on our knowledge of “Chlorella” cultivated in the past. We also plan to work closely with our R & D department and Kyoto University’s American Football Club in a variety of ways.


We have been supporting various sports activities, but we will continue to expand our support in the sports area, focusing on our contribution to the local community in Kyoto. We will also continue our activities in the future, aiming to create a sports culture and the future in which people can love and enjoy healthy sports.

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