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"Highly concentrated chlorella extract (C.G.F.) have been made into an easy-to-swallow sugar-coated tablet. You can bring it with you easily and take it anytime even while traveling. C.G.F. stands for Chlorella Growth Factor, an extract containing a complex of amino acids and nucleic acids that has attracted attention in research promoting the growth of lactic acid bacteria. This extract, which is the source of chlorella's vitality, is helpful to your daily health maintenance. A single serving amount (5 tablets) contains C.G.F. extracted from approximately 375 billion (*) chlorella cells.
(*) Theoretical value based on our own data."
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Obtained certification

  • GMP

Product type

  • 150 tablets (56.25g)

    JPY 8,800

Product details

150 tablets (56.25g×1 bag)/30-day supply
Raw materials
Chlorella extract, Maltitol, Lactose (milk derived), Eggshell calcium (eggs derived), Cellulose, Vegetable oil, Caramel color, Arabic gum powder, Shellac, Corn protein, Plant wax
How to drink
5 tablets per day with a glass of water, hot water, tea, etc. You may take all at once or in 2 or 3 times separately.

More information of the material of this product

Sunshine and freshwater nurture chlorella power

Chlorella is a kind of freshwater algae, a unicellular organism, which grows in areas with clean water and sunlight. It is said that chlorella was born over 540 million years ago and discovered by Dutch researchers in England in 1890.

Chlorella is, with a diameter of 3 to 8 micrometers, very small green algae which multiplies each cell four times every 20 to 24 hours, and increases the number of cells one after another, by 4 the next day and by 16 two days later. In this way, it has survived with its strong vitality until now, while dealing with drastic changes on the earth such as ice ages and volcanic activity.

One of characteristics of chlorella is its richness of ingredients. The most representative ingredients among them are protein. Chlorella contains approximately 60% of protein, which is extremely high among plants. Moreover, it contains all nine essential amino acids and its amino acid score which is an indicator of high-quality protein is 100 (full score). Chlorella also contains over 60 nutrients and ingredients, including various vitamins and minerals.

The number of cells contained in 1g of chlorella powder is several tens of billions. Strong vitality and rich nutrients are concentrated in each cell. Chlorella is a "plant-based whole food" that allows you to eat whole plant foods and absorb their power into your body in a well-balanced manner.
*As chlorella is a unicellular organism, the number of cells = the number of chlorella.

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