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a joint project “Glue Crew” has started

a joint project “Glue Crew” has started

Sun Chlorella has started a joint project “Glue Crew” with a nonprofit organization SLOW LABEL for creating a sustainable corporate culture which changes diversity to the power of company and human resources since March 2019, the year of its 50th anniversary.
The joint project name “Glue Crew” is constituted by 2 words: “Glue” meaning a paste and “Crew” meaning colleagues who work together towards a particular goal. That is, “Glue Crew” means the group which is aware of diversities in society and works on penetrating and connecting them. At the Sun Chlorella Group, 9 people including 2 female co-leaders was chosen based on an in-house recruitment system and made a team; besides, this team will continue to work on a broad range of activities based on the concept below.


Create a sustainable corporate culture which changes diversity to the power towards 2020 and the future


  • Glue Crew provides experiential trainings designed by SLOW LABEL which is participated by people regardless of level of ability or disability, and it works on fostering of Co-Creative human resources and creating a network regardless of department.
  • Through this experience, Glue Crew works in order for everyone to respect and support each other regardless of level of ability or disability and differences in language, culture, lifestyle for encouraging a creativity, to finally cultivate a sensitivity from the Co-creative viewpoint with developing a communication skill.
members of “Glue Crew”


A nonprofit organization “SLOW LABEL” is a quite unique group, which has been working in order for people to live together regardless of level of ability or disability with the power of art. That is, SLOW LABEL has been working together with artists, who work both domestically and abroad, finding out problems that communities have been facing, and designing “activities”, “things” and “people” which lead to solutions for social issues from minorities’ points of view with experts from various fields, local citizens, enterprises, and governmental bodies.



Yoshie Kris
2011(corporatized in 2014)
Shirahata Minami-cho 26-2 Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 221-0073, Japan

Sun Chlorella has been supporting a broad range of
challenges in the sports field.

  • A main sponsor of a French road racing team “R2CL”
    ※R2CL participated in Suzuka 8 hours FIM Endurance World Championship in 2019.
  • A main sponsor of Asia Cross Country Rally
  • A sponsor of professional basketball team ”Shiga LakeStars”, a member of the B. League
  • A sponsor of 3×3 professional basketball team “KYOTO BB.EXE”
  • An official supplement supplier of the American Football team of Kyoto University
  • A sponsor of the soccer team of Kyoto Sangyo University