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Why Basketball?

The reason for choosing basketball is because, despite being a familiar sport, there is still a lack of opportunities for professional activity and casual hobby participation in Japan.

For athletes to maintain their best condition, it is crucial for them to focus on their bodies in their daily lives. In recent years, athletes themselves have often voiced the importance of plant-based nutrition in their physical development. Sun Chlorella believes that nutrient-rich chlorella can contribute to improving athletes’ diets, supports their body conditioning, and ultimately enhancing the excitement of basketball as a sport.

Furthermore, while focusing on supporting athletes and teams, Sun Chlorella also aims to show younger generations a path to new challenges. By making sports more accessible and contributing to creating an environment where children can aspire to become professional athletes, we continue our pursuits.

From Junior to Pro Athletes: Sun Chlorella’s Growing Support

“GLOBALLERS” is our project that supports basketball players under the age of 15 by providing opportunities for challenges and overseas experiences, including in the United States. Additionally, we support various basketball teams, including high school teams participating in Inter-High and WINTER CUP competitions, the Tokai University Seagulls, and the professional basketball team Shiga Lakes. We also support promising players such as Taiga Okada, who continues to excel, Yuki Kawamura, who is an indispensable presence in Japan domestic league, and Yuta Watanabe, who continues to challenge himself overseas.

Since 2017, Sun Chlorella has been contributing to the sports world primarily through the product provision. While our engagement is gradual, we are expanding our scope of activities to contribute more directly to the sports industry and society through sports. Sun Chlorella will continue to support the future where everyone who loves sports can lead a healthy life.

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