Sun Anserine

Anserine is a healthy ingredient found abundantly in the muscle parts of migratory fish such as tuna and bonito and is recognized for its function to suppress increase in uric acid levels. This product uses fish peptides (mainly containing anserine) extracted by cutting 99% of purines from natural tuna. Furthermore, it also contains eleuthero to help us stay active. It is recommended for those who like foods high in purines such as alcoholic beverages like beer, animal internal organs like liver, meats, and seafood. With its two-pronged approaches of "suppressing production of uric acid" and "promoting excretion of uric acid", you can start managing your high uric acid levels immediately.

Obtained certification

  • GMP

Product type

  • 1 box (60 capsules)

    JPY 6,300

  • 3 boxes (180 capsules)

    JPY 15,180

Product details

60 capsules (2 capsules×30 packets)/30-day supply (370mg/capsule)
Raw materials
Fish extract (Dextrin, Fish extract), Eleuthero roots, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Calcium stearate
How to drink
2 capsules per day with a glass of water, hot water, tea, etc.

More information of the material of this product

Fish peptides of fish swimming at high speed over long distances

Anserine is a peptide found in animal muscle and is composed of two amino acids, β-alanine and methylhistidine, linked together.
It was discovered when attention was drawn to the athletic ability of migratory fish such as tuna and bonito, which swim long distances at high speed, and migratory birds, which fly long distances without a break.
Anserine can be derived from fish or birds. The Anserine used by Sun Chlorella is extracted from natural bonito and tuna caught swimming in the oceans and we only use raw materials that are 99% purine free.

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